Portable Radiometric Instruments

Delta Epsilon Portable Scintillometers are characterized by innovative features, thoughtful field proven design, quality craftsmanship, and intuitively simple operation. Our handheld scintillometers are in daily use throughout the world and are superb working tools for the purposes for which they are intended.

Delta Epsilon SC-133 Portable Scintillation Counter


IDEAL FOR URANIUM EXPLORATION AND ANY DEMANDING FIELD APPLICATION The Delta Epsilon SC-133 Portable Scintillation Counter represents a functionally superior concept for a hand held gamma radiation detection device. Its rugged practical design, simple operation and high sensitivity make it well suited for uranium exploration applications as well as environmental monitoring and health physics dosimetry. It has also been designed to meet or exceed the ANSI N42 standards for hand held inspection and interdiction instruments for Homeland Security and Nuclear Safeguards.

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RZ-133 Neutron/Gamma Ray Survey Instrument with Directional Response


Delta Epsilon has developed and patented a unique radiation survey monitor that represents a breakthrough in Handheld radiation monitors and the high efficiency detection and rapid localization of sources of gamma and neutron emitting radiation. Its principal innovations are twofold: (A) the ability to identify the angular direction of a gamma source from the instrument in conjunction with (B) a simultaneous high efficiency measurement of neutron radiation with essentially equal response from both thermal to fast (MeV) energies.

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